Access Control System

By utilizing an AI camera, the entire process of detecting color-bit access cards and
transmitting the data to the cloud is automated, enabling efficient management of access control.
The system eliminates the need for manual card scanning as access cards are detected automatically, allowing for a hands-free passage.

Utilizing the Edge AI camera 'Vieureka'

Contactless access control

Easy maintenance management

The access control
for Food factories

In food factories, where workers often wear hats, masks, goggles, and pocketless white garments, there are challenges in implementing access control systems based on facial recognition or IC cards.


Since June 2021, a hygiene management system in accordance with HACCP. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a method of food hygiene management aimed at predicting and analyzing potential hazards such as foreign object contamination and the presence of foodborne pathogens at each stage of food production in order to prevent them in advance. has been made mandatory for all businesses involved in handling food. To implement hygiene management in accordance with HACCP,
it is necessary to manage 'when, which room, and who entered' in order to prevent risks of contamination or hazards during the various manufacturing processes of food.

Saisyokukenbi Solution

Features of Access Control System

By implementing our access control system, unauthorized access to the premises can be prevented, and the history of entry and exit can be recorded. This ensures a secure and safe environment that is trusted by both business partners and employees.

Edge AI Camera 'Vieureka'

By adopting an Edge AI Camera, there is no need for hardware such as image processing PCs or on-premise servers.


No need to bring the access card close to a reader, similar to electronic tags or QR codes.

Easy maintenance

Camera replacement is sufficient in case of malfunction, and system recovery only requires reconnecting the LAN cable.

Save screenshots before and after passing through the door.

The image data captured during door passages is associated with the access control data, allowing for easy verification of the entry and exit situations.


Integrate with existing electric locks installed on doors and perform door unlocking. The access control system can also utilize the entry and exit records in the existing attendance management system.

Real-time centralized management and data sharing

Real-time cloud integration for access data allows instant data monitoring and easy management and sharing of access and occupancy information across multiple locations.

Granular permission settings

You can assign specific attributes to each location and individual, and set granular permissions using a matrix format.

Fabric-based colorbit tags

It is possible to create various custom design tags, including fabric-based tags that can be attached to uniforms or hats.



PENTA-OCEAN CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. the leading marine civil engineering contractor, has implemented an access control system integrated with security gates at their headquarters building. This system has been successfully deployed not only at all domestic branches but also at international divisions in Singapore and Hong Kong. It enables centralized management of staff and guest information as they pass through doors and gates, which is monitored by the system.

This use case represents deployment achievements prior to the product release.


TOKYO FOOD CO.,LTD. a company that supplies a wide range of food ingredients to the confectionery and bakery industry, has implemented the Vieureka platform and color-coded access control system at their manufacturing facility.

This use case represents deployment achievements prior to the product release.



NAKAMURAYA CO.,LTD. Musashi Factory

Nakamuraya Musashi Factory, which has implemented an access control system using colorbit®, primarily manufactures Chinese steamed buns that are sold in famous convenience stores nationwide.
We interviewed Mr. Mukawa from the Musashi Factory to understand why they chose to implement the system, their feedback on using Colorbit, and the reasons for continued utilization.


Starting from an initial cost of 200,000 yen
Starting from a monthly usage fee of 50,000 yen

Hardware basic set

  • Camera kit: 2 sets
  • PoE hub: 1 unit
  • Network equipment: Negotiable

Monthly usage fee

  • colorbit license usage fee
  • Hardware rental
  • *Door installation and other services are available for a fee, and we are open to discussing your specific needs.

It can also be used for access control in office environments.

By adding facial recognition functionality,
it helps prevent impersonation and unauthorized entry.

You can set IDs for each door to allow or deny access. Entry can be denied for those with a denied access ID, preventing unauthorized entry in advance.
Images are saved when a denied access ID is recognized.


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