Solving Niche Challenges on Your buiness with the Power of IoT

We provide solutions that solve niche challenges on the field and enhance operational efficiency using our proprietary automatic recognition code 'colorbit®' and AI cameras.

Do you have any challenges like these on your business?

Access Control System

In case facial recognition is not possible due to the use of masks, such as in food factories.

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Inventory Management System

We aim to automate complex inventory management processes to reduce the burden on employees.

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Location Management System

Efficiently streamline operations by visualizing the location of objects and personnel within large factories or warehouses.

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Congestion Visualization

Visualize the congestion level of facilities of concern and provide customers with a secure and safe environment.

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Reasons to Choose Us



Adoption of Vieureka Edge AI Camera

We have the highest market share in the number of deployed Edge AI cameras*. Our design minimizes presence and intrusion, seamlessly blending into your lifestyle.
*Market Share of Edge AI Cameras, according to MICK Economic Research Institute's 'Current State and Future Outlook of the Edge AI Computing Market, Fiscal Year 2021 Edition'.



Reliable Support System

Leave the camera management to us. With the remote monitoring platform provided by 'Vieureka', we can swiftly respond to any issues. Most maintenance and management tasks are handled remotely by our team.



Respond quickly and politely

We bring together various ideas and technologies, creating scale models for each project and conducting experiments and validations to provide consulting services for solving your challenges. We always maintain agility and respond quickly.


colorbit® is our proprietary automatic recognition code. It can recognize not only continuous lines like straight, zigzag, and spiral patterns but also freely designed shapes.
Instead of reading each individual code, it performs batch recognition of all codes within the screen. This unique technology can be used in scenarios where it was challenging to apply two-dimensional codes such as barcodes, QR codes, RFID, and beacons.


Clients and Partnerships

Our solutions have been adopted by various customers in a wide range of industries.
As a partner company for the 'Vieureka' Edge AI Camera platform, we collaborate to generate innovation.

About the Vieureka Platform




You can watch each solution in video format on bcore's official YouTube channel, bcoreTV.
In this video, we introduce our collaboration with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. to eliminate human errors in automotive factories using colorbit and iPhone for verifying proper hose and fitting connections.


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